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StockKarts 2008

04/05/2008: STRETTON.
First meeting at the new purpose built track near Leicester. Unfortunately after the first heat it was found to be too bumpy for racing at present. My kart conked out after 2 laps in the race that did take place....and then did the same on the 2nd lap when we were allowed a go on the karting circuit! Not great!
Heat 1 and karting circuit race: DNF

Due to the lack of qualifying rounds, this was run in graded order which meant I started near the back. Really enjoyed this one, in front of another decent Coventry crowd, with lots of overtaking and finished 5th - just missing 4th by inches!

An excellent weekends racing in front of a very appreciative crowd. On the Saturday, being a new track, my first go at practice was a fact finder and I was off the pace but the second practice session went much better. Heat 1 saw lots of overtaking and I was in the thick of the action - 8th could easily have been 5th. In heat 2 things went a bit awry and I just could not get on the pace so just made sure I finished and due to non finishers somehow got a better result than heat 1!
On the Sunday heat 3 went ok and I was happy with 6th and heat 4 also went well blasting past 2 karts on one straight to record another 6th. I was determined to do well in the Scottish Championship and it went well holding my own. Unfortunately, I was unable to close the gap on considerably more experienced drivers in other formulas who now being new to StockKarts were able to start at the front! With that in mind and considering those behind me I was pleased with 5th - my best result of the weekend.
Saturday - Heat 1: 8th, Heat 2: 6th
Sunday - Heat 3: 6th, Heat 4: 6th, SCOTTISH CHAMPIONSHIP: 5th. Points for TEAM ENGLAND: 24
Racing photo of Kart at September Crimond featured in October edition of Short Circuit magazine and December edition of Karting magazine.
01/11/2008: COVENTRY 2008 WORLD CUP RACE
A complete washout unfortunately as there was a good firework meeting crowd. We all drove out on to the track but track conditions meant that no one was able to get round. We all parked up on the middle hoping that other formulas would improve the track conditions or that we would race on the tarmac. Unfortunately with rain beginning to fall and becoming heavier our race was one of those cancelled.

A rather frustrating season due to a variety of reasons. The 5th at Coventry in the World of Shale being the highlight followed closely by an excellent trip to Scotland and 5th in the Scottish Championship.
Red grade status also maintained.

StockKarts 2009