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Slot-Racing 2019

Arena Winter Series
The 2019 season started with a mixed formula six round Winter Series with points from all races counting.  The aim of the Series being to give new drivers a chance to race formulas they hadn't raced before and all drivers to race formulas at the new Hobbs Cross (HC) venue prior to the AGM and setting the 2019 fixture list.  Round 1 on 16 January was due to feature two heats for Parmastox and two heats for Slotstox but due to a delayed start and availability (I lent out two), the Slotstox ended up being a single 'test' heat for those that hadn't raced or hadn't regularly raced Slotstox and so didn't count to the points.  In the Parmastox for heat 1 I raced my blue Parmastox and scored 51 points and for heat 2 I raced my red Parmastox and scored 23 points - each heat consisting of four drivers.  With 74 points I was top of the Arena Winter Series after round 1 by a 1 point. I missed rounds 2 and 3 at HC on 23 January and 30 January respectively due to illness plus round 4 at WACC as I was on a work training seminar in France.  Round 5 on 13 February at HC featured Classic Hot Rods and Plastic Slotstox plus a bonus heat of Parma-Saloons.  In the Classic Hot Rods heat I borrowed a Classic Hot Rod and scored 28 points; in the Plastic Slotstox I scored 17 points and in the Parma-Saloons I scored 11 points.  A total at this round of 56 points meant an overall total of 130 points and I was down to 9th in the Arena Winter Series points.

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